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Fuel Tax Alternative Proposed

March 16, 2009 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

It has been revealed that the government is investigating the possibility of buy trains for the Auckland electrification system, in lieu of charging a regional fuel tax.

All indications had it, until last week, that the government was planning on implementing a regional fuel tax on fuel sales in Auckland. The majority of this tax would have been used to finance the electrification of Auckland’s railway system. Last week concerns were voiced about the impact that the regional tax would have on consumers, especially when coupled with the increase in national fuel taxes.

Today indications were made that KiwiRail, which is owned by the Government, would purchase the electric trains required for the system...

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Regional Fuel Tax

August 18, 2008 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

Auckland Regional Council has recently proposed new regulations which would see motorists having to pay a regional fuel tax. Commencing in the July of 2009, a 1 cent tax would be charged on every litre of petrol sold. This figure is set to increase to a further 5 cents within the following three years.

The new scheme could raise a possible $600 million annually, to be used towards improvement of the public transport system. The new scheme is yet to be approved by the New Zealand Government ministers.

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