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New Zealand Tops Rankings for Business

November 15, 2012 New Zealand Finance

Auckland SkylineNew Zealand’s positive business climate and resilient economy have led to it being ranked the top country for doing business in the world.

On November 14th Forbes released the 2013 edition of its annual Best Countries for Business report, which ranked New Zealand as the best country in the world for doing business, based on 11 different criteria.

Out of the 11 criteria inspected by Forbes, New Zealand ranked first in four, being seen as best in the world for its freedom from corruption, legislative protection of investor interests, the lack of red tape for businesses, and personal freedoms. New Zealand was also ranked in the top ten for two other measures, being placed 6th and 7th in regards to property rights and monetary freedom respectively.

The newly published report also summarized Ne...

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Business Confidence Soars in 2012

February 29, 2012 New Zealand Finance

Business Confidence Soars in New ZealandNew Zealand businesses are enjoying a greater sense of economic confidence, and the national construction is the most optimistic industry in the country.

On February 29th the National Bank released its quarterly Business Outlook survey report, saying that 28 percent of New Zealand businesses, compared to 19 percent in the December quarter of 2011, are expecting the economic conditions in the country to improve even more in the nearest future.

Approximately 31 percent of all businesses participating in the survey expected to see an increase in their own business activities over the coming year, compared to approximately 26 percent in the December quarter of 2011. Nearly 8 percent of businesses intend to hire more staff in 2012, up 3 percent from indicators published three months ago.

The Na...

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BNZ Survey Predicts Upturn

September 8, 2008 New Zealand Finance  No comments

The Bank of New Zealand Confidence Survey, released on the 8th of September, indicates an upturn in business sentiment.

The released results of the survey show that 27 percent of respondents believe that there will be an upturn in the economy, over the upcoming year. This is the highest rate of business confidence since the inception of the BNZ Confidence Survey in 2005.

Bank of New Zealand commented on the survey, saying that they expect their results to be backed by the soon to be released National Bank Business Confidence Survey. It was further commented that the survey indicates an upcoming period of small growth, perhaps even above-average growth in 2010.

Commentators claim that the increased confidence is due to upcoming tax cuts, expected interest rate drops and the fall of the New ...

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