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IRD Warns Of Hoax

March 12, 2010 New Zealand FinanceNew Zealand Taxation

Bah Humbug!The New Zealand Revenue Department (IRD) has issued a warning to customers regarding hoax emails they might receive with offers of tax refunds.

In a media statement released March 10th, the IRD revealed that it has received multiple customer-reports of a suspicious email being circulated to its clients. The email allegedly bears the IRD logo and informs recipients that they are entitled to a tax refund. It later directs readers to visit a website which requests an array personal details, including usernames and IRD numbers. Heather Daly, IRD’S Customer Operations Group Manager, has laid assurances that the department is already trying to track and shut down the website, which is believed to be US-based.

As a reminder to IRD customers, Heather Daly warned that the they will never be asked ...

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