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Landlords Planning Rent Increases

May 25, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

Budget AnnouncementA recently released survey indicates that New Zealand landlords are planning to raise residential property rental rates, as a result of tax changes introduced in the 2010 national Budget.

On May 25th the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development released the results of their post-Budget announcement survey. Among other findings, the results revealed that 47 percent of surveyed landlords intend to raise rents to compensate for any loss of profit from new taxation changes. Only 13 percent of landlords were undecided on the rates of rent they will charge. Among all survey respondents 69 percent of non-landlords believed that average rents would increase, and 65 percent of landlords expected to see an overall rise in rent.

In the 2010 New Zealand Budget, released on May 20th, fi...

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