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NZ Bermuda TIEA Signed

March 31, 2009 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

New Zealand and Bermuda are set to sign a Taxation Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on the 16h of April.

The TIEA will be New Zealand’s second agreement of such a nature, following the first which is Netherlands Antilles. According to Revenue Minister Peter Dunne others are already under negotiation. This is on top of New Zealand’s 35 Double Taxation Agreements. The TIEA will be signed at the New Zealand Embassy in Washington DC.

According to Mr. Dunne, the TIEA will make it easier for the partner countries to access information about someone residing in either country, for taxation purposes. This will also aid in the process of discovering any assets that have not been disclosed to governments on either side.

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DTA with Czech Republic in Effect

September 4, 2008 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation  No comments

The Double Taxation Agreement between New Zealand and the Czech Republic came into effect on the 3rd of September.

The double taxation agreement which was signed on the 30th of October, 2007, was welcomed into force by Revenue Minister Peter Dunne. He went further to say that trade between New Zealand and the Czech Republic has been growing and has future potential for expansion. He cited figures of $9.5 million worth of exports to the Czech Republic and $30 million worth of imports.

Peter Dunne elaborated on the double taxation agreement and stated that it is aimed at lowering impedance to trade and investing between the two countries, through increasing assurance and tax certainty, while lowering compliance costs and in certain cases, tax liability.

The newly active double taxation agre...

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New Zealand Double Taxation Agreements

September 1, 2008 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation  No comments

Double taxation agreements are tax treaties between two countries. These agreements come into effect when a person is a tax-resident of both New Zealand and another country.

Double Taxation agreements prevent the situation of taxation on one income by two countries, through coming to an agreement as to what incomes will be taxed in the country of residence and exempt in the country of occurrence. It also deals with the opposite case where the income will be taxed at the country of occurrence and compensation arises in the country of residence.
Double Taxation also extends to more comprehensive sharing of tax information between tax authorities.

New Zealand currently holds double taxation agreements with the following countries:

Czech Republic

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NZ-UK Double Taxation Agreement Updated

September 1, 2008 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation  No comments

An updated of the 1983 double taxation agreement between the United Kingdom and New Zealand was announced and came into force on the 29th of August. Primarily the update is an attempt to bring the agreement in closer alignment with OECD double taxation standards in regards to exchange of information between tax authorities. It further strengthens ability between the United Kingdom and New Zealand to enforce tax laws and recover tax debts across borders.

The Revenue Minister, Peter Dunne, was quoted saying that these updated regulations will improve both nation’s economies through the reduction of tax avoidance and evasion and the improvement of tax collection.

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