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New Zealand Ranked 3rd for Economic Freedom

February 5, 2016 New Zealand Finance

New Zealand is the third freest economy in the world, beaten only by Singapore and Hong Kong.

Earlier this week the Heritage Foundation released its annual Index of Economic Freedom, ranking New Zealand as the third freest economy in the world.

New Zealand’s score on the Index has fallen by 0.5 points since the previous Index, yet Hong Kong and Singapore, the only countries to be ranked above New Zealand saw a fall of 1 point and 1.6 points respectively.

The fall in New Zealand’s score was attributed to a perceived loss of business freedom and labour freedom, although these drops were offset by increases in fiscal freedom, trade freedom and government spending.

No significant changes in freedom were noted in regards to property rights, freedom from corruption, investment freedom, ...

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New Zealand 3rd Freest Economy in World

January 31, 2015 New Zealand FinanceNew Zealand Taxation

New Zealand has been named the third freest economy in the world, an improvement since last year.

In its annual Economic Freedom Index, the Heritage Foundation has concluded that New Zealand has the 3rd freest economy in the world, only behind Singapore and Hong Kong.

New Zealand was scored 82.1 points on the index, compared to 89.6 and 89.4 in Hong Kong and Singapore, while the world average sits at a level of 60.4 points.

It was noted that since 2014 New Zealand has seen an improvement in its ranking for labor freedom, monetary freedom, and government spending, which outweighed the relatively smaller drops in fiscal freedom and freedom from corruption.

Australia was ranked one spot behind New Zealand, and received a score of 81.4 points.

Photo By: Nick Kean

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New Zealand Economy is One of Freest in World

January 16, 2012 International FinanceNew Zealand Finance

NZ EconomyNew Zealand has a policy framework and regulations that actively encourage economic openness and resilience, leading the country to be ranked as having the fourth freest economy in the world.

According to the Index for Economic Freedom for 2012, published by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal on January 12th and examining economic conditions and market regulations in countries around the world, in 2011 New Zealand was ranked the 4th country in the world for its market freedom, regulatory efficiency, the role of government in the market, freedom from corruption and the effectiveness of the legal system.

New Zealand was given an index score of 82.1, from a possible maximum of 100. The average score across all countries ranked in the index was 59...

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NZ is the Second Best Country for Business

October 6, 2011 New Zealand Finance

New Zealand businessNew Zealand is the second best place in the world in which to do business, and is also regarded as the top country for several economic indicators.

The international news publication Forbes has released its annual list of the best countries for doing business. New Zealand has been ranked second on the list, placed only behind Canada on the list of the best countries in which to do business.

Forbes described New Zealand as a country which has grown significantly in the last two decades, saying that the nation has moved from being an agrarian economy to an industrialized free market economy capable of competing globally.

New Zealand was ranked as the top country for investor protection and personal freedoms...

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