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Labour Calls for a New New Zealand

March 15, 2012 New Zealand Finance

Lamb Chop and Mint SauceAccording to the Labour Party, the New Zealand economy is overly concentrated on a limited number of different economic activities, and in the future the country needs to change its economic focus.

Earlier today, on March 15th, the leader of the Labour Party of New Zealand David Shearer gave his first major address as the leader of the opposition, outlining the party’s plans for the New Zealand economy into future, calling them a “vision for a new New Zealand”.

According to David Shearer, New Zealand has an overwhelming amount of foreign debts, and the level of income seen by most New Zealanders is disproportionately low...

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Key and Goff Square Off on Economy

November 3, 2011 New Zealand Finance

John KeyAs the country nears the November 26th election date the leaders of the National and Labour Party ramp up debates over the issues of the economy and taxation.

At the Press 2011 election leaders’ debate in Christchurch on November 2nd National Leader John Key and Labour Leader Phil Goff went toe to toe over their respective promises for the New Zealand economy.

The leaders first debated issues surrounding the rebuilding of the earthquake stricken Canterbury region. Phil Goff criticized the current Prime Minister for backtracking on claims made regarding payouts to taxpayers whose homes were damaged in the Christchurch earthquake. John Key responded by saying that payouts are a balancing act between the needs of effected individuals and the rest of New Zealand’s taxpayers.

A significan...

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English Rejects Large-Scale Economic Reforms

July 19, 2010 New Zealand Finance

Spaghetti JunctionThe New Zealand Finance Minister has deflated any ideas of the Government implementing “big hit” economic reforms, until the country has adequately come out of the recession.

Within fifteen years, advanced economies like the US and the UK will face the repercussions and ill-effects from their recession-stage economic reforms and policies, according to Bill English, Finance Minister of New Zealand. Speaking at a National Party conference on July 16th, the Minister said that if over the coming five years New Zealand continues with a well-considered and consistent economic policies, the country will be “a stand-out” among developed economies.

Bill English warned delegates at the conference that New Zealand’s economic recovery would be a slow and incremental approach, without the “big...

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