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MANA Party Supports Transaction Tax

September 12, 2012 New Zealand Taxation

10 Kiwi DollarsThe MANA Party is calling for a new tax on the sale and purchase of the New Zealand dollar.

On September 11th the MANA Party released a statement calling for the government to instate a financial transaction tax in New Zealand in order to address the value of the country’s currency and increase national tax revenues.

John Minto, the vice president of the MANA Party, said “…the most effective way to reduce the value of the dollar is via an FTT [financial transaction tax].”

He also explained that a tax on the purchase or sale of the New Zealand dollar would reduce the occurrence of speculative trading and would lower the value of the currency, improving the profits of New Zealand exporters and boosting the number of jobs in the export industry.

John Minto also said that a Financial Transact...

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Harawira Pushing For New Zealand’s Own Robin Hood Tax

May 2, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

Hone Heke TaxIndependent MP Hone Harawira has launched his own political party over the weekend, styling himself as a New Zealand Robin Hood, with a slew of promises for new tax measures to help the poor of the country.

On April 30th Hone Harawira launched his own political party, called the Mana Party. As a headline policy the party will push for New Zealand to instate a tax on all financial transactions, a system that is often referred to overseas as a Robin Hood tax. The MP claims that the money raised by such a tax would allow GST to be abolished completely, and for greater funds to be raised towards social welfare projects targeted at low income earning families...

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