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Import Levels Rising in New Zealand

June 27, 2016 New Zealand Taxation

Import levels are rising in New Zealand, with the import of consumer gods leading the charge.

On June 27th Statistics New Zealand released new information showing that over the month of May the goods trade surplus in the country reached NZD 358 million.

The total of all goods imported into New Zealand over the curse of May rose by 5.7 percent compared to the previous month, reaching a level of NZD 4.2 billion.

Over the same time period, the level of exports from New Zealand rose by 5.1 percent, reaching 4.6 billion, leading to a total differential of NZD 358 million.

The rise in imports was led primarily by a 16 percent increase in the level of consumer goods imported, a rise equivalent to NZD 152 million worth of extra imports.

Most export groups also rose in May, however, the export of...

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NZ November Trade Deficit in 5 Year Low

January 7, 2009 International FinanceNew Zealand Finance  No comments

The New Zealand trade deficit for the month of November reached 14.1% of exports, according to figures released by Statistics New Zealand on the 7th of January.

The trade deficit is defined as the excess imports of a country over their respective exports. In the November of 2009, the deficit figure for New Zealand reached $520 million, or 14.1 % of the exports. The average November trade deficit figure for the previous five years has been 27.7% of the export figure.

Despite this, some analysts are still predicting a relatively gloomy situation for New Zealand in the near future. Dominantly this view is supported by the contraction of global markets and falls in commodity prices...

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