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NZ Super Fund Seeks New Zealand Investments

October 7, 2015 New Zealand Finance

The New Zealand Super Fund is looking for new local investment, but has trouble finding new opportunities which meet its requirements.

The New Zealand Super Fund is actively looking for more New Zealand investments, according to comments made by the Chief Executive Adrian Orr at the release of the Fund’s annual report.

The New Zealand Super Fund currently has a total of NZD 4.4 billion in investments in New Zealand, out of a total investment portfolio of NZD 29.54 billion.

The current domestic investment level of NZD 4.4 billion is higher than in 2014 when the investments were only NZD 3.7 billion.

While the Fund is looking for new domestic investment opportunities, it was also noted that there are not many opportunities for investment that meet the requirements for scale and return.


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NZ Investors Being Conservative

April 16, 2009 New Zealand Finance  No comments

According to an ING survey, New Zealand investors are some of the most conservative in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the ING Investor Sentiment Tracking Study, quarterly investment survey, New Zealanders are currently the most conservative and pessimistic investors in the Asia-Pacific region. The survey indicate that New Zealanders are the most likely to opt for capital protection policies in their investment plans.

Further, 52% of New Zealand investors expected the markets to continue falling in the near future. While this is eclipsed by the 62% who expect falls in Australia. Although 54% of New Zealanders opt for long term safer investments, as opposed to the 43 in Australia.

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