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Government Scrambling to Help Quake Victims

February 25, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

365 Day 326*Less than three days following the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, the New Zealand government is rallying to organize financial support for people and businesses in the disaster struck Canterbury region.

In a media statement on February 24th New Zealand Prime Minister John Key revealed that later in the day he will begin talks with chief executives from New Zealand’s largest companies, in the hopes of working on a cooperative assistance package for the companies’ workers which were affected by the quake. The Prime Minister expects that the assistance and wage subsidy packages that might be needed after the earthquake will be different to those offered after the September 2010 earthquake, as this time many large businesses were disrupted alongside numerous small enterprises...

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NZ – Australia Sign New Investment Protocol

February 17, 2011 International FinanceNew Zealand Finance

MoneyAustralia and New Zealand have cut red-tape surrounding business conducted between the two countries, raising the levels which can be invested without requiring approval.

On February 16th the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key signed a new Investment Protocol between the two countries, which updates the bilateral Closer Economic Relations (CER) trade agreement held by Australia and New Zealand. The newly signed agreement will align the CER with contemporary free trade agreements, and will cut several investment restrictions between the countries.

The protocol raises the amount that a New Zealander can invest across the Tasman before requiring a screening and approval by the Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)...

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Key and Goff Spar Over Taxes

January 27, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

United Future AnnouncementThe Labour Party and the National Party are already squaring off for the upcoming general election, having begun making promises concerning tax cuts, tax exemptions, and an improved economic performance for New Zealand.

Over January 25th and January 26th both Prime Minister John Key and Labour Party leader Phil Goff kicked off the election year by giving their own respective speeches announcing their views on the New Zealand economy and the country’s tax future.

On January 25th Phil Goff gave his State of the Nation speech, in which he revealed the party’s primary taxation promises for the 2011 general elections. The most ambitious proposal was to create a “tax free zone” on the first NZD 5000 of personal income earned annually by all taxpayers...

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Top Tax Rate to be Cut Significantly

May 17, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

WN 10-0084-055Prime Minister John Key has given strong indication that top-marginal personal tax rates will be significantly cut in the upcoming Government Budget. He justified the decision by claiming it will decrease the “brain drain” seen in New Zealand.

On May 17th John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, appeared in a television interview and made it clear that the upcoming budget will feature cuts to personal taxes across all levels, but with special emphasis on top-marginal rates. John Key’s comments led economist to believe that the anticipated increase in Goods and Service Tax (GST) will also be announced within the Budget, to offset the decreased tax personal tax revenues.

When questioned on the fairness of increased tax cuts for high earners, John Key claimed that the move was vital fo...

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