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FTA with USA No Less Likely

November 17, 2008 New Zealand Finance  No comments

According to US-NZ Council president John Mullen, the newly elected Barack Obama can only be good news for a US-NZ Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

The visiting US-NZ Council president John Mullen was quoted as saying that Barack Obama does not wish to reverse any globalisation work done so far, and that the? situation would only be worse off if it were. He said that relations between the United States and New Zealand are at the highest point that they have been at in over a quarter of a century.

Some commentators even claim that New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stance will not be as much of a hindrance under Barack Obama as it was previously. The stance was often seen as one of the key disagreement points in previous negotiations with New Zealand.

Free Trade talks are scheduled to be held in Marc...

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