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Tauranga Accountant Receives Sentence for Tax Evasion

December 23, 2008 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

Kevin Wayne Frazer, a Tauranga accountant has received a sentence of ten-month home detention and 250 hours of community service work on charges of Tax evasion.

Kevin Wayne Frazer, former director of Total Taxation and Accounting Services pleaded guilty in a Tauranga District Court on the 15th of December, to 68 charges of unpaid income-tax, GST, PAYE, fringe benefit taxes and student loan repayments. According to an IRD statement, income tax to an amount of $46,330, GST of $384,356, PAYE of $105,965, Fringe Benefit Tax of $2468 and student loans of $597 were not paid by Mr. Frazer. With Inland Revenue Department fines and charged interest, Kevin Frazer currently owes the IRD a total of $806,096.

According to the IRD there were no GST or income tax returns filed for Total Taxation and Acc...

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