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Greens Call for More Action on Gender Pay Gap

January 22, 2016 New Zealand Finance

The government is not taking enough action to help close the gender pay gap, and pay differences within some government departments highlight the extent of the problem.

On January 22nd the Green Party issued a new statement calling on the government to take action to address the gender pay gap in New Zealand.

The statement by the Green Party follows the release of a new report by the State Service Commissions which showed that there is still a significant gap between the salaries paid to women working in the state sector, and to men working in the state sector.

The report showed that in some government departments, men enjoyed salaries which were as much as 39 percent higher than women’s salaries.

Metiria Turei , who wrote the statement, added that “…women have been underpaid, and un...

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Concerns Voiced over Minimum Wage Rise

February 13, 2012 New Zealand Finance

poverty wage?New Zealand’s minimum wage is going up, but business associations and some politicians have already said that the increase is not appropriate in the current economic environment.

From April 1st 2012 the minimum wage rate in New Zealand will rise by NZD 0.50 to NZD 13.50 per hour, and the minimum wage for trainees and new entrants will also increase from NZD 10.40 to NZD 10.80 per hour. When the raised rate is fully implemented, a full time worker who is earning a minimum wage will see their pay increase by NZD 20 per week, equivalent to approximately NZD 1000 per year.

The Labour Minister of New Zealand Kate Wilkinson said that the new wage rate “… strikes the right balance” between improving the livelihoods of low paid workers and ensuring that there is no negative impact on employment l...

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Minimum Wage Raised

February 10, 2009 New Zealand Finance  No comments

The New Zealand minimum wage has been raised from $12 to $12.50.

The Government has announced that as of the 1st of April 2009, the new minimum wage will rise from $12 to $12.50. The youth training and new entrant wage will also rise from $9.60 to $10. This equates to a 4.16 % rise in the minimum wage rate and the same in the new entrant wage. This percentage increase is above last year’s annual inflation rate of 3.4%.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was given three recommendations as to the minimum wage, leave it as is, raise it to $12.50 or finally raise it to $12.65. Mr. Key said the problem with the decision as to balance of the benefits to the lowest paid in the country and the possibility of too large a change impacting negatively on the number of employed.

Labour Party Leader...

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