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Number of NZ Companies on the Rise

December 21, 2011 New Zealand Finance

Cash Register LockOver 40 000 new companies were incorporated in New Zealand this year, brinign the total number of companies to more than 500 000.

The Companies Office of New Zealand has released its latest internal statistics, showing the number of new business entities registered in the country during the 12 months ending June 30th 2011.

According to the Companies Office, the Register of New Zealand currently lists 563 856 New Zealand companies, and during the 12 months between July 1st 2011 and June 30th 2011 43 927 new companies were incorporated. In the same time 52 960 company names were reserved, and 451 663 annual returns were filed.

The latest available statistics show a decrease in the number of new companies being registered, with 8...

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New Zealand Company Linked with Weapons Smuggling

December 23, 2009 International FinanceNew Zealand Finance

Dancing Girls of the NorthA New Zealand company has reportedly been linked with transportation of North Korean weapons to the Middle East.

As previously reported, on December 12th a Russian made Il-76 aircraft, carrying weaponry from North Korea, was seized by Thai authorities in a Bangkok airport. The plane was allegedly chartered by a mysterious New Zealand registered company, SP Trading Limited. The destination and buyers are still unknown, and the crew members maintain that they have no knowledge of the weaponry on board. Details emerged that the plane was originally chartered for the flight by the Hong Kong registered Union Top Management Limited, and rechartered to SP Trading.

According to publicly available information on the New Zealand Companies Office, SP Trading was registered on July 22nd, 2009...

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