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Key and Goff Spar Over Taxes

January 27, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

United Future AnnouncementThe Labour Party and the National Party are already squaring off for the upcoming general election, having begun making promises concerning tax cuts, tax exemptions, and an improved economic performance for New Zealand.

Over January 25th and January 26th both Prime Minister John Key and Labour Party leader Phil Goff kicked off the election year by giving their own respective speeches announcing their views on the New Zealand economy and the country’s tax future.

On January 25th Phil Goff gave his State of the Nation speech, in which he revealed the party’s primary taxation promises for the 2011 general elections. The most ambitious proposal was to create a “tax free zone” on the first NZD 5000 of personal income earned annually by all taxpayers...

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Tax to be Prime Issue During Elections

January 19, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

Spaghetti JunctionThe Labour Party is set to use tax issues as a major talking point in the 2011 New Zealand General Election, although has so far opted to remain vague on exactly what changes it will seek to instate.

On January 19th, while conducting a television interview for TVNZ Labour Party leader Phil Goff indicated that tax will be a prominent issue in the 2011 New Zealand General Election, pointing to the price of everyday items, petrol and tax rates as major issues for taxpayers.

Phil Goff chose to remain vague about the exact changes that the Labour Party would seek to instate, but he explained his general intentions. Phil Goff summarized the Party’s intentions, saying that he will work towards a “fairer tax system”...

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Unemployment Rises Above Projections

August 5, 2010 New Zealand Finance

Labour's Pre-Budget PrioritiesThe New Zealand Government will need to revise its economic growth projections after latest employment figures showed a significant increase in unemployment.

New Zealand’s unemployment rate rose to 6.8 percent during the June quarter, compared to a level of 6 percent in the prior quarter. The latest figure represents a 19 000 person increase in national unemployment, bringing the total to approximately 159 000. The statistics were released government’s Household Labour Force Survey, released on August 5th.

Last month Alan Bollard, Governor of the New Zealand Reserve Bank, predicted an unemployment rate figure of only 6 percent. National economists believe that the Governor’s recent decision to raise New Zealand’s Official Cash Rate (OCR) was based on the more optimistic prediction...

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Labour Party to Launch GST Protest Tour

February 24, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

Phil GoffThe New Zealand Labour Party has announced that it will be launching a cross-country bus tour in protest to the National Party’s proposed Good and Service Tax rate increase.

Phil Goff, Labour Party leader, announced on February 22nd that a two week protest bus-tour will be launched on February 28th to fight the possibility of a the GST rate being raised to 15 percent. He claimed that the tour’s aim was to visit New Zealand communities and “to show them just how unfair John Key’s plans to hike GST are.” The protest plan also includes several visits to local community groups like Grey Power, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, and any local budgeting services.

While introducing his protest-bus idea, Phil Goff claimed that the National Party had not campaigned with the promise that it would raise...

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