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Fuel Taxes Lead to Blackmarket

March 31, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

Plaid calls for a Fuel Duty RegulatorThe General Manager of the independent fuel retailer Gull New Zealand Dave Bodger has criticized the Auckland City Council’s proposal to use a regional fuel tax to fund public transport projects and infrastructure improvements.

The Auckland City Council has revealed its plans to use a 30-year loan to fund local infrastructure and transport initiatives, with repayments being covered by a new set of fuel taxes levied in the Auckland region. It is estimated that to raise the revenues necessary to cover the payments, a tax of 30 cents per liter would be required.

On March 29th Dave Bodger came forward and branded the plans as a “highway to hell”, asking, “…why introduce something that we already know won’t work, which is why it was abandoned in the first place?” He suggested that such an exo...

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Regional Fuel Tax

August 18, 2008 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

Auckland Regional Council has recently proposed new regulations which would see motorists having to pay a regional fuel tax. Commencing in the July of 2009, a 1 cent tax would be charged on every litre of petrol sold. This figure is set to increase to a further 5 cents within the following three years.

The new scheme could raise a possible $600 million annually, to be used towards improvement of the public transport system. The new scheme is yet to be approved by the New Zealand Government ministers.

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