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Surf Life Saving Tax Fraud Conviction

June 8, 2009 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

Surf Life Saving Taranaki former Manager, Alison Margaret Douglas, has been sentenced to three and a half years jail time for tax fraud.

The former lifetime Surf Life Saving member and manager, Alison Douglas was sentenced to three and a half years jail time, after pleading guilty to 23 charges of tax fraud involving PAYE. Deductions from employee wages were taken by Douglas herself and not paid to the IRD. These amounted to $61,518.61 in total, or $88,538.87 after penalties and interest, after the $11,910.44 she has already made.

Separately, Alison Douglas also pleaded guilty to 18 charges of fraud and 1 charge of theft in a case brought forward by the police...

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