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New Zealanders Volunteering More and Donating Less

September 19, 2010 New Zealand FinanceNew Zealand Taxation

MoneyIn 2010 more New Zealanders opted to do volunteer work in their communities then in 2009, however this was offset by decreases in donations of money and goods.

On September 15th Tariana Turia, Community and Voluntary Sector Minister, announced the release of How do New Zealanders Give? – Quarterly Generosity Indicators, a report on the volunteer and donation habits of New Zealanders by the Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector (OCVS).

The report showed that 30.3 percent of New Zealanders chose to volunteer their time in local community causes. The figure represents a 2 percent increase over the December 2009 quarter. The median time spent volunteering per month also increased by 2 hours to a total of 10 hours, over the latest quarter.

During the March 2010 quarter 40...

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Treasury Does Not Support Tobacco Tax

June 3, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

Smoking A Roll-UpNewly revealed documents show that the New Zealand Treasury did not fully support the Government’s latest round of excise duty increases on tobacco products.

On June 2nd a New Zealand Treasury paper was publicized revealing that the New Zealand Government was advised not to carry out the April 28th tobacco excise-duty rate hikes. Under the change, excise duties on rolled-cigarettes increased by 10 percent and 24 percent on loose tobacco. The rates will rise by an additional 10 percent on January 1st 2011 and January 1st 2012. But, the New Zealand Treasury advised Tariana Turia, Associate Health Minister, was advised by the Treasury to “prepare a tobacco control strategy using a range of policy tools,” instead.

According to the Treasury paper “…excise is claimed to be the most effective a...

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Possible Raise in Tobacco Tax

July 9, 2009 New Zealand Taxation  No comments

Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia and the Anti-tobacco group, ASH, are pushing for an tax increase on tobacco.

New Zealand could soon be following Australia’s lead and setting a higher level of taxation around tobacco and tobacco products, like cigarettes. The proposed law change could possibly see the price of a pack of cigarettes double. In a general area this would bring the price of a pack of cigarettes to over $20 per packet.

Legislation around the selling of cigarettes has not seen any recent year changes, except for the banning of smoking indoors. The last legislative change to raise tobacco taxes occurred over a decade ago. Recent Government statements have given hint that large raises in taxes are on the horizon...

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