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Tax Fear for Waikato River

March 9, 2009 New Zealand FinanceNew Zealand Taxation  No comments

Fears have been voiced over the possible taxation of commercial use of the Waikato River.

South Island fisherman, Clem Smith, has warned that the commercial fisherman on the Waikato River might face an “iwi tax”. This claim comes from the recent imposition of conservation levy imposed by Ngati Tahu on Lake Ellesmere eel fisherman, of who Clem Smith is one. Clem Smith claims that this set a new precedent which would see other Ngaitu (tribal groups) setting levies or conservation fees on commercial use of the waterways under their jurisdiction. The Waikato River is one such body that could face such levies.

The conservation levy imposed on Lake Ellesmere is budget to be directly used for conservation efforts for the river...

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